Below is a list of confirmed fixtures for the upcoming season, promises to be an exciting & challenging few months!

  • 18th April – BACA XI v PACA XI [Home]
  • 22nd April – ACA 1st XI v National T20 [Away]
  • 24th April – ACA 1st XI v EICA [Home]
  • 26th April – ACA 2nd XI v Brighton College [Home]
  • 16th May – ACA 2nd XI v EICA [Home]
  • 24th May – ACA 1st XI v Sussex Martlets [Home]
  • 13th June – PACA XI v BACA XI [Home]
  • 21st June – ACA v Refugee Cricket Project [Home]
  • 26th June – ACA 1st & 2nd XI v Ardingly [Away]
  • 28th June – ACA 1st XI v Hurstpierpoint College [Away]
  • 4th July – ACA XI v Old Aldridge [Home]
  • 12th July – ACA 1st XI v MCC [Home]

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