Sussex Captain Supports Girls’ Cricket Scheme

Date: 17th October 2017

Sussex Cricket Foundation and the Aldridge Foundation are offering girls the chance to try cricket at a series of events this autumn.

The girls-only Cricket Hubs have been launched at five different locations – the Sir Rod Aldridge Cricket Centre at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy and Portslade Leisure Centre, which is co-located with Portslade Aldridge Community Academy, together with Plumpton College, Worthing High & The Triangle in Burgess Hill.

Georgia Adams, who took over as captain of the Sussex Women’s First XI in April, told Juice FM:

“I think so far it’s been a brilliant initiative. I’ve spoken to a number of parents who have said that it’s great to take their children down. They get high quality coaching but also it’s a chance to make new friends.

“Being a Sussex Women’s player through and through, they are brilliant at supporting us from a young age and take it very seriously. On the back of [England Women] winning the World Cup, Women’s Cricket is definitely going in the right direction.

“Increase in participation is important but also making the girls realise that if they work hard and pursue it, there is a career in it as well.”

Georgia told Juice that she believes that the exposure the game has received this year – through the Women’s World Cup and the second season of the Kia Super League – will play a part in getting more girls taking up the game.

“Everyone has been on a Cricket hype since then. It was a great stage and a great final that just goes to show how good Women’s Cricket can be.

“I’ve spoken to a few of the younger girls and they’ve been saying ‘Oh we went to the final, we saw so-and-so in the final’. It’s just nice to see that the game is getting that exposure. Their enjoying it and people are starting to say ‘Oh I like Women’s Cricket, lets give it a go’.

“A lot of the girls at that age they come into the hub – eight to 16 – are young, ambitious and have got goals. It’s nice to hear them talk about Women’s sport, and in particular Women’s Cricket.”

Two hour-long sessions are available at each location each week, one for 8-11 year olds and one for 12-16 year olds. These will give girls the opportunity to try cricket and develop their skills through a series of fun drills and games.

The Sir Rod Aldridge Cricket Centre at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy will also host a four-day holiday camp between Monday 23rd and Thursday 26th October with morning sessions for 8-11 year olds and afternoon sessions for 12-16 year olds. Both the Cricket Hubs and holiday camp is organised by the Sussex Cricket Foundation.


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