Tara Norris in Australia (September)

Date: 3rd October 2016

Melbourne From The AirAfter a horrendous 23 and a half hour journey, I finally arrived in Melbourne….and it was raining! Unfortunately I arrived at 10 in the morning which meant I had to stay awake all day and adjust to the time zone which was a lot harder than I expected.
During the evening of the first day I went to Prahran CC and met the head coach, Assistant Coach and the Men’s 1st-4th team players. They all train together twice a week so there’s a massive squad of about 40-50 in an evening. It was weird to watch them train with flood lights on and I was amazed at how switched on and focused they were as a team. They acted so professionally in every drill they did which is the complete opposite of what you would find at club cricket in the United Kingdom.
The main ground is unbelievable, it looks like a county ground, very similar to Hove and there is so much money put into club cricket in Australia to ensure that the players can play at the best standard. After a tour of Melbourne, you can see how amazing the city is and there is so much to do and see. The buildings, the shopping, the attractions and the food are all incredible.
After meeting all the Women’s players I was amazed at the standard of cricket. Three players play for Victoria which is equivalent to county Women’s level but slightly better as imelbourne-cricket-clubt is semi-pro level.
I trained for the first time with them and the weather and outfield were awful but they still insisted on training! Again you would not get that in England, so instead of using cricket balls we used yellow bowling machine balls to field with, which I really struggled with, especially picking them out of the yellow light from the flood lights but the attitude and intensity from the team was amazing despite the awful weather.
After having a net I could already sense a completely different mentality in Australian cricket, they are a lot more fearless and aggressive to what I’ve seen before and play slightly different due to pitch conditions – for example we would normally play a pull shot on back foot because English wickets are slower whereas the Australians were playing them on their front foot – because the wickets are quicker and there is more bounce so it was interesting to see the comparison.
The first game of the season is not until next Sunday so for now it is more training and gym work but really excited to get stuck into the season!
We would like to wish Tara the best of luck for the upcoming season and have no doubt that she will do herself and us very proud! If you wish to keep up to date with Tara on her travels, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@ACACricCentre) to find out when her next post is up.

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